Your Listing “Easy Button”


My name is Tyler Weinrich and I run W Properties, an Oklahoma based real estate investment company. We remodel and flip homes, buy empty land, and hold some rental properties across town. Our focus is on doing quality remodels for homes we flip and ones we keep as rentals. We don’t do “lipstick on the pig” rehabs.

If you came to this page you probably saw a post on Facebook about selling your fixer upper or tough to sell listings to us. Most real estate agents only have one listing tool in their belt – the market-ready retail sale. Houses in great condition are perfect for this tool. You market them properly, price them right, they sell. BUT……

What would you do if a seller wanted to sell their house tomorrow as-is? 

Do you ever present your fixer upper sellers with as-is cash offers BEFORE they spend months and thousands of dollars repairing/updating a property?

What if your clients wanted to sell but refused to clean out a property for showings or pictures?

If a seller of multiple properties came to you wanting to sell all at once, would you know a qualified buyer to take down all of them together?

Would you know how to best serve a client that prefers an easy, quick, and flexible transaction over top dollar?

This is where we can work together…..If you are like any quality agent, you know that serving your clients best interest is your fiduciary duty. If have been in real estate for even a little bit, you have probably realized that not every seller is out to make a retail-ready top-of-the-market retail sale.

Most sellers and homes are perfect for the retail market, but some need something different….

That something different is a legitimate, as-is cash offer from W Properties which allows sellers to sell on their terms. What does it mean to sell on their terms???

When we buy a house we let sellers sell on their terms. Here is how:

  1. Sellers pick the closing date – as soon as 14 days or as long as 6 months
  2. We pay all closing costs
  3. Cash advance on seller proceeds to help with debts or moving costs
  4. 100% as-is sale – this goes for repairs AND cleaning
  5. Extra time in home AFTER closing – sellers can rent back house after we buy it for reduced rent
  6. Avoid multiple showings – show it to ONE buyer
  7. Not afraid of complicated situations – divorce, fire damaged properties, inherited properties in probate, foreclosure, rented properties, extremely dirty properties, foundation issues, etc.


Think of W Properties like an ace up your sleeve. When you need to sell a tough listing or find a buyer for a fixer upper or accommodate a seller that prefers time/convenience over money…..pull that ace out and get them an offer from us.


Best case you sell a listing in 5 minutes and get 6%. Worst case, your buyers decline the offer but love you for thinking outside the box.


I’m a pretty straightforward person so I want to be completely clear about how we can help each other and how we can’t….

I want to buy houses but I run an investment property which needs to be profitable. I don’t need to buy properties at $.10 on the dollar but I do need some equity to flip a house meaning if a house’s top value is $150,000 I can’t pay $147,000. I’m looking to pay FAIR prices for homes or land around OKC and have no problem investing my time in a house you want to sell to get you an offer for your seller. 


Here is what I am proposing:

  1. If you come across a house that needs work or where the seller needs to sell FAST, call us or fill out the form on this page.
  2. We’ll go look at the property and have you an offer within 48 hours of seeing it.
  3. As the real estate agent that put everything together, you can represent BOTH sides of the deal taking home full commission. If you aren’t comfortable with this, you can only take 3% or have a colleague take the other 3%.

You win because you sell a house quickly without much effort.

Your clients win because they get a fair, as-is price for their home without any hassle.

We win because we get a new investment property.

You don’t have to have the property under a listing agreement to call us. We’ve worked with many agents that hear of someone wanting to sell, go to see the house and it is a complete wreck…..or at least something that gives you the feeling this listing will be more trouble than it is worth. They call us immediately, we go look, have an offer in hand in hours, and the house is sold the same day.

Lower priced or distressed properties typically mean a lot of work for you with a small paycheck. Before you go to the trouble of committing to a listing agreement and having to spend time/money on marketing, CALL US at 405-350-8071. We’ll come see the place and have you an offer BEFORE you have to do anything or spend anything on marketing.


So, what’s the catch ? ? ?


The only catch is YOU have to remember to contact us (call or text at 405-350-8071, ask for Tyler). Think of W Properties as another tool to keep in your back pocket to offer your clients just like staging, informing them about selling via seller financing, or a good builder or lender you always recommend.


If you don’t remember us and call to get an offer…..we can’t help each other.


When should you use W Properties as your listing “Easy Button”?


Next time you come across a house that either needs lots of repairs to avoid a long DOM or sell at all…call us! ! !

Next time you hear a client say they need to sell their house immediately for whatever reason (probate, divorce, relocation, etc.)…call us! ! !

Next time you find a landlord that wants to retire or sell off 1 rental or a portfolio all at once…call us! ! !

If you aren’t sure if a particular property is something we’d be interested in……. just give us a call at 405-350-8071 to discuss the details. Anything from mobile home parks to single-family homes is fair game.

We purchase homes in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas (Mustang, Yukon, Moore, Edmond, Norman, Del City, Midwest City). If you have something further out, we’ll still look at it, just contact us to go over the property.


Call or Text
(405) 673-4901