Your Listing “Easy Button”


W Properties is an Oklahoma based real estate investment company. Put plain and simple: we buy houses, land, commercial property, etc. We want to work with YOU to help sell your tough listings and make your clients happy and get you some easy commission checks rolling in.

Have you ever had a listing…

  • …..that you didn’t want to take because of the low price and/or condition of the property?
  • …..where the sellers just wanted to sell TOMORROW and be done with the property?
  • …..with not-so-great tenants that hinder showings still in the property?
  • …..that was so dirty or smelly, you wanted to walk out the minute you walked in?
  • …..that just will NOT sell???
Get an offer on any listing, any where, any condition.

We get it and we want to help you. What if you could make ONE phone call and have your toughest listings sold as is, make your clients happy, collect both sides of the commission (if you are ok with that), and close inside of 30 days?? Would that be a helpful tool to have in your pocket? This is where we can help…..

As we said above, we are a real estate investment company that buys houses. We aren’t afraid of heavy repairs, urine soaked hardwood floors, fire damage, tenants, foundation issues, etc. Just about any type of property is fair game. We’ve seen it all.

Here is what we are proposing:

  1. If you come across a house that needs work or where the seller needs to sell FAST, call us or fill out the form on this page.
  2. We’ll go look at the property and have you an offer within 48 hours of seeing it.
  3. As the real estate agent that put everything together, you can represent BOTH sides of the deal taking home full commission. If you aren’t comfortable with this, you can only take 3% or have a colleague take the other 3%.

You win because you sell a house quickly without much effort. Your clients win because they get a fair, as-is price for their home without any hassle. We win because we get a new investment property.

You don’t have to have the property under a listing agreement to call us. We’ve worked with many agents that hear of someone wanting to sell, go to see the house and it is a complete wreck…..or at least something that gives you the feeling this listing will be more trouble than it is worth. Lower priced or distressed properties like these typically generate a lot of work for a small paycheck. Before you go to the trouble of committing to a listing agreement and having to spend time/money on marketing, call us. We’ll come see the place and have you an offer BEFORE you have to do anything.



So, what’s the catch?


The only catch is YOU have to remember to contact us. Think of W Properties as another tool to keep in your back pocket to offer your clients just like staging, informing them about selling via seller financing, or a good builder or lender you always recommend.

We do want to be blunt with you about one key fact here: W Properties is a real estate investment company. We make our money (and lose it sometimes) by buying houses. This means we aren’t your normal owner occupant buyer. We close fast and buy as is, but can’t pay full market price in most cases. Full market price leaves no room for our profit which is how our business stays alive.

If you have a seller that won’t budge on price with a house that has a real shot at getting full market price in a reasonable amount of time, we probably aren’t your best tool to use. That would be like using a hammer to screw in nails. Doesn’t work (tried it once).


When should you use W Properties as your listing “Easy Button”?


Next time you come across a house that either needs lots of repairs to avoid a long DOM or sell at all…call us! Next time you hear a client say they need to sell their house immediately for whatever reason (probate, divorce, relocation, etc.)…call us! Next time you find a landlord that wants to retire or sell off 1 rental or a portfolio…call us!

If you aren’t sure about a particular property, just give us a call at 405-673-4901 to discuss the details. Anything from mobile home parks to single-family homes is fair game.

We purchase homes in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas (Mustang, Yukon, Moore, Edmond, Norman, Del City, Midwest City). If you have something further out, we’ll still look at it, just contact us to go over the property.