Selling a house during Probate in Oklahoma

Need to sell a house in probate?

We can help! We are a local real estate investment company that buys houses in and around OKC. We are BBB accredited and licensed with OREC. Over the years we’ve bought hundreds of homes involved in probate from families just like yours.

We know most of the local attorneys, we know the court process, we’ve done and seen it all when it comes to selling a house in probate in Oklahoma. 

If you have a house that you want to sell involved in probate, you might be asking yourself some of these questions….

  • enter your email to get the list of propertiesWHEN can I sell the house?
  • Do I have to pay a Realtor to sell the house?
  • Will I have to clean everything out before I sell it?
  • Does the judge or my attorney have to give me permission to sell the house?

Below you’ll find answers to those questions and more that people over the years have asked us.

How does it work selling a home in probate to W Properties?

Below are the quick details on how the process works when selling a home to us. If you have any specific questions about your scenario don’t hesitate to call us.

  • Take what you want, leave what you don’t want” policy – You don’t have to clean out the whole house and any items you don’t want. Take what you want, leave the rest in the house.
  • No repairs – no cleaning no repairs no nothing. We can buy houses in any shape from brand new to falling down.
  • 1-page, attorney reviewed purchase contract – After we agree on a price for your house, we put it in writing. Our agreement is simple. It’s 1 page…because if you can’t fit it on one page, we’ll what are you hiding??? Our agreement has been through many attorneys around OKC and used to buy many houses in probate over the years.
  • No fees, commissions, or closing costs – We cover all the costs of selling a house so you don’t waste money on closing costs, expensive real estate agent commissions, or anything else.
  • Close on the date of your choice – Maybe you want to have an estate sale 2 months from now but would like to sell the house tomorrow. Great. We can buy the house, and either move the closing date back or go ahead and close but just give you extra time in the home to hold the estate sale. We are flexible on closing timeframe.

Can I sell during probate? Or do I have wait until it is over?

Yes you can sell during probate. About 90% of the homes we buy from folks in your situation are sold during probate. The other 10% wait until probate is completely over which means the house gets transferred into the names one or more heirs who sell the house to us. Either way is fine, but we find the cleanest method is to just settle it during probate. The reason you can sell during probate is part of probate is giving one or more people the power to sell assets in the estate. So, just by starting probate someone in the family is granted that power to sell

What if the property is rented?

This doesn’t matter to us. It can be a little more difficult if a house is rented but we have worked through every situation imaginable with folks over the years. The renters can stay if they like or leave if they wish. We’ll work out the details with them. The only thing we caution is try to avoid signing any new lease with the tenants before you sell the home.

What if the house has a reverse mortgage?

We can still work with this although there is a chance that nothing can be done. Since reverse mortgage increases over time, if it has increased too much there might be a scenario where there just isn’t enough equity to sell a home. Most of the times, we can still buy a home with a reverse mortgage. The one thing we’d stress with reverse mortgages is….act quickly! In a matter of months we’ve seen folks go from being able to sell a home and profit $15k to being underwater.

What if the house is in foreclosure?

Yes we can still buy a home in probate that is also in foreclosure. It might be more difficult if the home is underwater AND in foreclosure but even then we still have options. Just like with reverse mortgages, don’t wait around to take action. The longer you wait with foreclosure, the less options you have.

How do I know your company is legit?

You can check us out on our website here. Feel free to have your attorney set up a quick phone call with the owner well. We’ve met and done business with most probate attorneys in town. Also, we are happy to provide proof of funds for any purchase and the local title company we use can vouch for our reputation and ability to follow through on any offers we make.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or text us at 405-673-4901. You can also just fill out the form on this page and we’ll contact you within 24 hours to get more info.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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