A Visit to The American Pigeon Museum & Library in Oklahoma City, OK

Deep within Oklahoma City lies a hidden treasure of feathered delights. The American Pigeon Museum & Library (APML) is a museum and repository of information about pigeons and their relationships with humans. Opened in 2011, this unique Oklahoma City attraction provides a fascinating look at the history of the pigeon, from their role in the military to their use in pigeon racing. Visitors to this museum are able to explore the many exhibits, watch film screenings, and participate in educational activities. The American Pigeon Museum & Library is home to a wide variety of birds and artifacts. Visitors are able to explore the displays, exhibits, and artifacts for a better understanding of the pigeon’s special place in human history. Learn information about Oklahoma City, OK.

Exhibits include a timeline of the pigeon’s relationship with humans, including its use in communication and its role in war, as well as the history of pigeon racing and the modern-day use of the pigeon in competitive sports. The American Pigeon Museum also has a special permanent exhibit that highlights the personal stories of individual pigeons, their unique life experiences, and the remarkable journeys they have made. The American Pigeon Museum & Library’s library is a treasure trove of pigeon-related knowledge. The library houses a large collection of books, pamphlets, documents, and videos about the history and culture of the pigeon. Visitors are encouraged to explore the many publications, search for documents related to their interests, and watch instructional videos about how to properly care for train, and breed pigeons. Discover facts about Exploring the Wonders of the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City, OK.

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