Honest, humble, and always people over profits.

Best home buying company in OKCTyler Weinrich – Owner

My name is Tyler. I am the owner of W Properties, a local, BBB Accredited, and OREC licensed (#170512) home BUYING company in OKC. My wife and I live in central OKC with our dog Veda and  son, Jude (born 4/4/18). Before getting into real estate I was studying for Dental school and worked at a live fish store (aquariums, fish as pets, salt water tanks, etc.) and later at a local software company where I got to build and design some cool programs used by real estate professionals.
I started W Properties in 2013 as a side-gig to my day job. Eventually I got sucked into the world of real estate and put full-time effort into the company. While I love restoring houses and renting/selling our finished homes to nice families, the best part of my job is helping me solve a common problem many people will face: how do I quickly and easily sell a house for a fair price? Over the years, I’ve learned how to help people sell a house easily in many different situations from probate to foreclosure to selling rental property to just wanting to sell a house without hassle. Having been through the process of buying and selling a home the “normal” way before (hiring a real estate agent), I knew there had to be a better way. Months of waiting, having to keep the house spotless, annoying showings at all hours of the day and night, buyers with financing issues, repairs and commissions and fees. We provide a way to skip all the nonsense of selling a home the “normal” way. That is where W Properties started. If you are ready to sell a home in Oklahoma or are even just considering it, call or text me at 405-673-4901 so we can figure out the best option for you.

Oscar Gonzalez – Home Buyer

Oscar joined the team in 2019 and there is a good chance you have spoken to him on the phone if you contacted us about buying your home. He loves MMA and you can find him watching the fights every weekend.



Mike Weigel – Senior Home Buyer

Mike has been with the company since 2018 and we’ve been lucky to have him since then. A family man with 3 sons and some grandkids on the way, he’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Don’t be surprised if you feel yourself wanting to invite him for beers or dinner after he visits your home. Everyone loves Mike!! Never shy of being bold, you’ll probably see Mike sporting a bright pink or blue shirt when he comes by.


Donald Cerda – Home Buyer

Donald joined our team in 2020. He is usually a first point of contact when you are dealing with us.



Our Core Values

W Properties was founded on and operates by the following core values:

1. Make selling your home to us easy and honest – Selling a house is often a long and complex process. It shouldn’t be hard or stressful though. We do our part to make selling a home as easy as possible, here’s how:

  • 1-page contracts with easy-to-understand terms – no fancy, confusing “legal speak”. If it can’t fit on 1 page, you are hiding something.
  • Paying ALL closing costs – you pay $0 in closing costs or fees
  • No commissions – when we buy a house you can save thousands by not having to pay real estate agent commissions. You were really excited about paying an agent $3,000 to put a sign in your yard right?
  • No repairs/remodeling and no cleaning – no hammers, no sweeping, no dusting. We buy houses 100% as-is saving you time and money.
  • Helping with moving costs OR giving occupants extra time after closing to relocate if needed
  • Close at a local title company in 7-30 days on a day of your choosing – close on your terms, when you want

2. Leave any area better than how we found it – This shines through in any houses we rehab and the customers we interact with. When we keep houses as rentals, we make sure any family that moves in would be proud to live there. We don’t run slum-houses for cheap rents. We don’t skip on the rehab work to make more money. Also, if we can’t buy your house(s) for some reason, we make sure to help you figure out your options regardless.

3. Stand behind our word and deliver on promises we make – We still believe in the power of handshake agreements and honoring your word. Call us old fashioned Oklahomans but if we say we are going to do something, we do it.

4. Treat people with respect in any situation – Nothing pisses us off more than seeing we buy houses companies trying to take advantage or mistreating people in tough situations. At the end of the day, we are all people, all humans and everyone we make sure that everyone we encounter gets the respect they deserve.

Below are a few of the questions we get commonly asked by folks….

What do you do with houses you buy?

Some of them we fix up and sell or rent. In some cases a house might need to be torn down to rebuild a new one. Sometimes we act alone in purchasing a house and other times we partner with investors who bring in money, manage rehabs, or buy houses from us.

Is this a real business?

About as real as it gets. We pay taxes, spend money on marketing (you might have seen our letters in the mail), and stress over profits/expenses like any business does.

How do you determine the price of the house?

The price of the homes that we buy from you really depends on what kind of a condition it is in and how much work needs to be done to it. We are more concerned about the value of your home over time, so if you don’t mind doing some remodeling then having us buy your home would be a good idea.

If you had to sell your house in the next month or so could we help you? That totally depends on how fast you need to sell your home and what kind of improvements it needs. It might be necessary for us to come see the property and get an estimate of what it would take to fix it up.

What we want to do is find out if we can sell them the house after we buy it. Is this possible?

This is possible for houses that we will only be able to rehab and not do any construction on. For example we might buy a house that has a full basement as opposed to nothing or we are buying a bigger home and we would build an out building or garage. We will also consider buying your house if we we looking at doing something totally different with it from the previous use.

Can you guys buy my house in cash?

Yes, we can! We have cash money available to close on any house you want us to.

How long would it take to sell my house with you?

We can usually close on a house in as little as three days, and we are always willing to work with your schedule.

Why should I sell my house to you guys?

Because we offer the highest cash offers around! Some of our customers have accepted our offer after only one week on the market.

Do you pay closing costs?

Yes we do! We can close on your house within three days, and we will cover any and all associated costs with the sale of your home.

How does it work when someone sells a house to W Properties?

Below are the steps usually involved when we purchase a house assuming no surprises pop up….

  1. Introduction – We talk on the phone to get more info on the house, your goals, and schedule a time to go see your house.
  2. House walkthrough – We swing by and take a look at the house to get some pictures and notes. This allows us to estimate repairs and how much we can offer you.
  3. Discuss offer – We give you a call, e-mail, or meet you in person to discuss the offer.
  4. Sign a purchase contract – Assuming we agree on a price and terms, we sign a contract to put everything in writing.
  5. Due diligence – We always ask for a short period of time to double-check our repairs and your house for things we missed. It gets expensive REALLY quickly when you miss things in real estate. We might bring contractors or partners by during this time as well for second opinions.
  6. Closing – We meet on the day of your choosing at a local title company where we both sign the final paperwork and you get a check for the price we agreed on!

I know someone that wants to sell, will you pay me for finding them?

YES! Well, as long as we end up BUYING their house, we’ll pay you at closing. We typically pay at least $500 but up to a few thousand. If you know of someone that wants to or should talk with us about selling their house, please give us a call/text with their information. Or, you can always share our number with them. We keep track of the people that refer houses to us and should we end up buying those houses, we pay cash for those referrals at closing on the house.

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