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When you want to sell your house in Midwest City you’re likely hoping to sell your house fast. There’s not a homeowner out there perfectly content with letting a listing sit for months on end with no offers and no closing deals pending.

But that’s the nature of a traditional listing.

And that wait time can get even longer when you have to deal with renovations. Even simple cosmetic updates like painting and new carpet can add weeks to getting your house sold.

Not to mention the out of pocket costs stacking on top of closing costs, commissions, cleaning, and more.

We’ve made it easier than ever to sell your home in Midwest City without all the hassle and extra cost that comes with traditional listings. In fact, when buy houses and close in under 30 days with many home sales closing and the owners getting paid within 14 days.

That goes for any home, in any condition, new or old. We take the time and hassle out of selling your property.

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How Fast Can You Sell a House in Midwest City?

sell your house fast for cash in midwest city oklahomaMidwest City is a popular area and one of the more popular cities in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Despite its popularity, selling a home in Midwest City isn’t a fast process. Like many cities throughout the U.S., there’s an average waiting period with a traditional listing.

Selling any home can take anywhere from 60 to 90 days, with much of that spent waiting for the right offer to come in. The closing process, as well as the need to make repairs and updates to a house, can add extra time.

But you don’t have to sit and wait for your home to sell.

The majority of your wait revolves around the buyer. When you work with W Properties much of that process is eliminated and streamlined.

  • We have our own investment pool for purchasing homes, so you’re not waiting for buyers to secure their financing
  • We don’t require updates and buy homes as-is, so save your money and skip the renovations
  • We use a local title company, so every sale goes smoothly
  • Don’t worry about showing your house to multiple buyers; we only need to see it once

Curious how our process works? The first step is to give us more information on your house. Fill out the form at bottom of page or, you can see a detailed explanation of how it works here.

Why Choose W Properties?

companies that buy houses midwest city oklahomaA good, experienced real estate agent has the resources and knowledge to help you sell your home. They likely know how to get your listing in front of more buyers. Still, they can’t guarantee that your home is going to sell within a certain window of time or that your home will even sell at all.

Like you, they have to wait for the right buyers to come along.

Why wait for the right buyer when you can sell your home in Midwest City to W Properties?

Here’s why more homeowners are coming to us to sell their home fast:

  • We don’t charge commissions, fees, or closing costs. Your money is yours to keep
  • We close within 30 days, with many homes closing and payouts made within 14 days
  • Every purchase is 100% as-is, so you make zero repairs to the home
  • Don’t sweat cleaning. Leave anything you don’t want, and we’ll handle it at no extra cost
  • Zero risk with selling; we follow through with every contract
  • You choose the closing date and the deal is done, guaranteed
  • We only work with local attorneys and title companies, ensuring you sell your home fast

There’s no faster way to sell your house in Midwest City. If you’re still considering listing your home with an agent, then ask yourself a few questions first:

Are you willing and able to pay $2500 or more for cosmetic updates and repairs to your home before you can even list it?

Can you wait for weeks (or longer) for repairs to be completed before selling?

Are you okay with vacating your home often for hours in the evening to let strangers tour your home until an offer is made and accepted?

If you have to move before the home sells, are you able to carry the mortgage, insurance and other costs of upkeep until the home eventually sells?

What if the home doesn’t sell?

OR… just answer one question:

Would you like to get a fair cash offer on your home, and have it sold in under 30 days?

The process is simple; just fill out the form on this page to get started or call us now at (405) 673-4901

Sell Any Property Fast in Midwest City, OK

We’re a real estate investment company, so we’re not limited to buying residential homes in Midwest City. We buy any type of real estate and we buy it fast. That includes:

  •         Multi-family homes
  •         Commercial property
  •         Vacant lots
  •         Acreage and larger land plots
  •         Rental properties (empty or occupied)

If you want to sell any Midwest City property quickly then call or text us today at (405) 673-4901 OR fill out the form below. We’ll connect with you right away and get you a cash offer on your home fast.

Ready to sell your house the EASY way?

The EASY way to sell a house is.....You get paid exactly the price we agree on. You pay $0 in repairs, $0 in closing costs, $0 in commissions. No cleaning/repairs required. Close and get paid on date of your choice

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