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The main goal of our company is to find and buy real estate in OKC and the surrounding areas. Probably 97% of the property we buy is off-market and direct from sellers. That being said, we love working with local real estate agents to create easy, smooth, win-win-win transactions. Many local agents refer us possible homes to buy from time to time. While others ask us to help them find an off-market property for a buyer that is 100% ready to buy but can’t find anything on the market.

Since we are a company owned and operated by a licensed real estate agent, we are able to pay referral fees to local agents on anything we purchase and understand real estate from all angles. We know everything that goes into your role during a transaction and our goal is to make any transaction you partner with us on as easy as picking up a check at closing.

Below are two programs we’ve created specifically to help local real estate agents help their clients and get paid in the process.


Easy Sell Listing Program


Our company invests in real estate all across OKC. We buy houses or other real estate then invest money into repairs/rehabs and to finally sell or rent those homes. We are always looking for more houses to buy. This is why we created the Easy Sell Listing Program.

Basically, if you have a house that fits our criteria, we will buy it as-is. We will let you represent both sides of the transaction and take a full 6% commission. It’s the easiest listing sale you’ll ever experience.

We are not your typical buyers though. Here are the general terms of what we offer on properties:

  • 100% as-is purchase – no cleaning, no repairs requested
  • Quick closings – 2-4 weeks, but we can delay if seller needs
  • Extra time in house after closing – we often give owner occupant sellers extra time in their home to move out after closing
  • 6% commission paid to agent that brings us the house – you can represent both sides, we don’t want any commission when buying a home from you
  • Buyer pays all closing costs – we normally pay all closing costs increase your seller’s net profit

We also are not retail buyers. Your usual owner occupant buyer will pay 90%-100% of market value. Since we are an investment company, we need to buy below that level to make the property work as a sound investment. There are two types of homes that agents usually send to us:

  1. Homes that need lots of repairs or updates – Many agents don’t like listing fixer uppers because they take longer to sell, sell for less, and still require the same amount of work. The sellers most likely don’t want to make repairs or don’t have the money to but they still want to sell it quickly right? This is where we help. We aren’t afraid of repairs and we can see past messes or clutter or ugly paint. Skip the headaches and send us your fixer upper or hard to sell listings before they hit the market. We’ll put an offer in your hand within 48 hours. Best case, you get 6% with 0 DOM. Worst case, you impress your seller by getting an offer before the listing hits the market.
  2. Sellers that need to sell fast – this could be for any reason: moving out of state, foreclosure, bought new house and paying two mortgages. If a seller needs to sell fast, we can both agree they are valuing speed and ease of transaction over money. Since we buy properties as-is and pay cash or use investment loans, we can close very quickly and without the typical hassles and hold ups. If you have a seller that wants to sell their house yesterday, send us their information and we’ll give you an offer within 48 hours.

What types of houses do we buy? We will look at anything. Whether it is a $40,000 house in South OKC or a $300,000 in Edmond. If the numbers can make sense, we’ll buy it. To give you some examples, we’ve bought houses that were fire damaged, houses that were stuck in the 60s, houses that were invested with roaches, houses that were built only a few years ago, houses that were in near perfect shape, and houses that were currently rented.

Have a house you want to send our way? Fill out the form at the bottom of this page or just call us at 405-673-4901.


Off-market Buyer Assistance


Most of the properties we buy are off-market and come to us directly from the sellers. We operate this way because we are very good at finding sellers that want to sell. We often use our ability to locate off-market property to help local real estate agents also…

Have you ever had a buyer that wanted a lot in a specific area but nothing was for sale?

Ever had a buyer that knew the exact house they wanted but nothing on the market fit the bill?

It happens a lot and the longer the buyer goes without buying, the harder it is on everyone involved. The buyer loses patience and might be forced to settle. You, the agent, have to do more work and show more properties. This is where we can be your secret weapon….

If you have a buyer that is qualified (cash or loan ready) and legitimately prepared to buy the right property, we will go out and find that property for your client on your behalf. You still get paid the same amount your client agreed to pay you. We negotiate with the seller to get our fee or commission. Your buyer gets the exact property they want.

We are always on the hunt for properties that we buy for ourselves and have gotten very good at it. That is why we want to help you satisfy your buyers by finding the property they want.

If you are in the situation where you’ve shown a buyer everything on the market and they are ready to buy as soon as the right property comes up, please give us a call at 405-673-4901. We’ll discuss the details with you and start looking for an off-market property for your client.

What do you have to do as the agent? All you have to do is make sure your buyer is ready to purchase and knows exactly what they want. A house in Edmond is not specific enough. A 3-4 bed house in a specific neighborhood, between 1700-2000 square feet, under $225,000 is a lot more specific and something we can work with. Other than that, you just pass the information on to us regarding what your client wants (we don’t need to speak with your client at all) and then we’ll send you back off-market properties we find so you can present them to your client.


If you are interested in speaking with us about either of our real estate agent programs, give us a call or text at 405-673-4901. Our goal is to help you create an easy transaction for you and your clients where you win with full commission and less work, your clients win with an easy sale or purchase, and we win by investing in real estate.


Ready to sell your house the EASY way?

The EASY way to sell a house is.....You get paid exactly the price we agree on. You pay $0 in repairs, $0 in closing costs, $0 in commissions. No cleaning/repairs required. Close and get paid on date of your choice

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