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Making senior moving and senior relocation in Oklahoma EASY for years.
Making senior moving and relocation in Oklahoma EASY for years.

Relocating in your Golden Years can be stressful, time consuming and difficult. If you are looking to downsize or relocate to another home, you have likely been stressing about the process or wondering how to make it all go smoothly. There’s all the work of selling the home you are in to start with – cleaning, repairs, finding a qualified buyer, uncertainty of when it will close, moving very quickly after it sells. Then you have the actual move itself. You have to get all your stuff together, hire movers or do it yourself, and worry about the items you don’t want to take with your or don’t need any longer.

Selling a home and relocating later in life shouldn’t be hard. This is where we can help you with our senior transition services.  As a local, A+ BBB-accredited, company that buy houses from folks just like you, we can make your downsize or move as easy as pie. You should be able to sell on your terms on your timeframe and not be rushed. Selling your home and moving should be easy and fun, not stressful and depressing. That’s what we think at least….

Would you like to KNOW your house is sold and CHOOSE your closing date?

Would you like to avoid ALL repairs and cleaning?

What if you could get some extra time in your home AFTER closing to make your move easier?

Could FREE professional movers take some stress off your plate?

Senior relocation specialistMost folks only know how to approach selling their house and moving through using a real estate agent. While that is still a viable option for some people, everyone knows what comes with this option.

Below are some facts about using a real estate agent to help with your house and move….

  • Closing costs ($1,500 – $8,000) and commissions (6% of the sales price) will be deducted from the amount you sell your home for.
  • You’ll have to clean your house from top to bottom to appease picky buyers
  • Most likely, you will have to make repairs and updates before you can sell your home. If your home wasn’t updated to the in fashion styles in the last 5 years, you have work to do to get your house in a position where a buyer will want it. If your roof or AC unit or furnace or water heater are more than 15 years old, you will either have to replace those or take less money.
  • Your closing date will be uncertain. A buyer may love your home and put in an acceptable offer but their financing could fall through. They could get scared by the inspection report. Even if they pass all that, it will take around 45 days or longer to close. This makes it harder to plan your move.
  • You will have to be out of your house by the time you close
  • You have to cover the costs of hiring movers and disposing of items you don’t want to bring with you
  • You will have to constantly leave your house for showings so buyers can walk through it with little notice

Those are the realities of selling your home using an agent. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is not. Either way, it doesn’t do much to protect you and make your transition stress-free.

real estate agents specializing in seniorsIf you’d like to avoid the stress of selling your home and moving as a senior, let’s work together. We can BUY your house and help you with the move to make your transition incredibly easy.

We aren’t just a senior moving service company that can help you with your move. We are not simply a senior transition and relocation specialist to help sell your home. We are the best of both in one company!! We can buy your house as-is so you KNOW it is sold while giving you extra time in the home after closing as well as hiring professional movers to make your move easy.


Some of the benefits of working with us for your real estate sale and relocation include:

  • Selling your home 100% as-is – you won’t have to make any repairs, won’t have to remodel anything, and don’t even have to clean anything! That’s right, no brooms, no mops, no dusting. This means more money saved and left for you.
  • Guaranteed close on a date of your choice. While we can close quickly if you need to, we can also do delayed closings that allow you to KNOW your house is sold but close at a time that it is good for you.
  • No closing costs, fees, or commissions – when you work with us, we cover all closing costs. You also don’t pay a penny in fees or commissions.
  • Professional moving service included. We have professional movers sort, organize, pack and move your items for you at no cost to you!
  • Leave any unwanted items in the house. When people move, there are always things that don’t move with them. This could be old clothes, unwanted furniture, linens, kitchen utensils, a fridge, or even a washer/dryer. When you work with us, you can leave ANYTHING behind you don’t want at no cost to you.
  • Stay in your house rent free AFTER the closing. You read that right. In many instances, we can close on your property BEFORE you relocate. This allows you to get all the money from the sale before you actually move out. You can then take your time to move into your new home. You’ll be able to stay in your house rent free for a pre-agreed upon time.
  • Security of dealing with a local, honest company – we are licensed by OREC (#170512), BBB accredited, and good-standing members of the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce.

We go above and beyond for the people we work with especially with our senior downsizing services. Over the years we have helped many seniors relocate in Oklahoma. Before you settle on how to handle your move or who to use as your senior transition specialist, give us a call at (405) 673-4901 to discuss your scenario and see how we can work together to make your move easy. 

We think we do a pretty good job about helping the folks we work with but don’t take our word for it, here is what some past clients had to say:

He immediately made a fair offer, emailed, called or came by weekly to check on our well-being (spouse and I are in our 70’s), counseled us from start to finish for a stress-free conclusion, and even arranged for us to remain in the home after closing until we can complete our move). A big “THANK YOU”, Tyler!
– Karen & Mike Henthorn

To give you some behind the scenes detail about Karen & Mike’s senior relocation experience, we agreed on a price to buy their home but they didn’t find the right one until months later. We delayed closing on their house until they found the perfect one for their family. After we closed, they were able to move at their pace since we let them stay in their home after closing. Karen & Mike are why we love this business.

If you are ready to talk about your downsize or move, you can call us at (405) 673-4901. If you would like to meet face-to-face, let us know where and coffee is on us!

You can also reach to us today by filling out the form below. There is zero obligation and no risk. We’ll reach out to you within 24 hours of receiving your information to answer any questions you have and discuss your situation.

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