Situations we specialize in

We deal with a lot of home owners and buy a lot of houses. Some of them are straightforward: a house is owned free and clear, seller wants to sell for a fair price, done deal. Sometimes though there are complexities to selling a house. We’ve learned over time that there are a few common situations we run into. Regardless of what situation you are in or why you need to sell a house, we’ll figure out a way to help you get what you want.


Common situations we run into…

Here are just a few situations we’ve worked with in the past and are familiar with. Some are more complex than others, so please contact us to discuss everything in detail.

  • Divorce – Sometimes the best thing is to sell the house and get your name off the mortgage
  • Inherited property – Sell an inherited property as is to us with no cleaning
  • Probate – We’ve bought a lot of properties via probate and are familiar with the process
  • Late Property Taxes – We can buy your home and pay the taxes at closing
  • Selling a house that needs repairs – We buy them as is in any condition
  • Behind on mortgage payments – We can buy your house and help you stop foreclosure
  • Bankruptcy – A complicated situation but we can help


As you can see we’ve dealt with a lot of folks in many different situations. We approach all of these cases trying to find a solution that works for YOU and US. If you need to sell a house for ANY reason, please call us today at (405) 673-4901. Once we have some more details on your property and why you are selling, we can start working towards an ideal solution.


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