How to sell your house fast in Oklahoma


Are you looking to sell your house quickly?

What if you could sell your home AS-IS with no fees or closing costs paid in as little as two weeks???

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Geez, I wish I could sell my house fast without all the typical hassles….

Not everyone has the time, money, and patience it takes these days to put a home up for sale with a real estate agent to sell it the normal way. In some areas, a home in perfect condition might take 6 months or more to sell. That is 6 months of waiting, paying insurance and taxes and mortgage and utilities…6 months of putting your plans on hold….6 months of buyers invading your home for showings while not making an offer to buy it after.

Selling a home the normal way through a real estate agent is no guarantee either. The potential buyers that look at your house often need the seller to give them thousands of dollars in closing costs to buy a home or rely on flimsy financing from banks that cause deals to fall through. Imagine getting the perfect offer on your home but finding out the day before closing the buyer can’t get the loan for it. Sounds fun right?

That is why so many Oklahomans are asking themselves “how can I sell my house fast?”. It is why we at W Properties exist. We aren’t your normal real estate company…we don’t help buyers find homes or sellers sell homes….we BUY homes ourselves. If you are saying to yourself, “I need to sell my house fast without any repairs or BS”…then we are your solution.

W Properties BBB Business ReviewW Properties is a locally owned and operated company that BUYS houses. Licensed and accredited with the BBB, OREC, and the Greater OKC Chamber of Commerce……We buy houses in ANY shape (from new to old), for ANY reason (just because, job transfer, avoiding foreclosure, want to sell as-is, downsizing, etc).

A lot of the people we buy homes from just want to sell fast and skip all the waiting.  These aren’t homes that need a ton of repairs or people in desperate situations. In fact, the last house we bought was built only 3 years ago and was in perfect shape. The seller just wanted a quick and hassle-free sale on his timeframe.

We are always buying and would love to make talk to you about a house you want to sell. Just fill out the form on this page and we’ll contact you within 24 hours.

You probably have questions. Everyone does. Here are a few answers:


  1. Want to see what past sellers we’ve bought homes from had to say about us? Click here to read reviews.
  2. Want to see who we are and how we operate? Click here to read about us.
  3. Can I sell my house as is? Yes! When you sell your home to us, it is 100% as is.
  4. Can I sell my home NOW? Can I sell my house fast? Absolutely! You can close within 30 days, as soon as 2 weeks if needed.

Curious how selling your home to us works? What makes it worth it to sell your home to us? Read below:

  • No fees, closing costs, or commissions – we cover all of these!
  • No repairs – you don’t have to repair anything.
  • No cleaning – No dusting, scrubbing, mopping required when you sell to us. We also operate by a “take what you want, leave what you don’t” policy. Leave anything behind you don’t want!
  • Close on date of your choice – typically in about 2-3 weeks, sooner or longer if needed.
  • Extra time in the house after closing – we often work with folks to remain in the house for up to 30 days after closing to help with a move or finding a new home.
  • Cash advance – if you need money before closing, we can advance you some of the funds once title work is clear.
  • Guaranteed, delayed closings if needed –  sometimes people approach us to buy their home but don’t need to sell until 3 or more months out. We agree to buy the home in these cases, put everything in writing, but just delay the closing until the seller is ready. Once we put it in writing, we are locked in as your buyers.

We try to make selling us your house as easy as agreeing to a price and showing up to closing to pick up a check. We deal with the rest so you don’t have to….

I’m ready to sell my house fast!! Great….. just fill out the form on this website or call/text us at 405-673-4901.

Talk with you soon,

Tyler Weinrich – Owner at W Properties


P.S. – here are what some of folks we’ve bought homes from in the past had to say about us….


Tyler was not the first person who met with us regarding the sale of our home, but he was the best!!! He immediately made a fair offer, emailed, called or came by weekly to check on our well-being (spouse and I are in our 70’s), counseled us from start to finish for a stress-free conclusion, and even arranged for us to remain in the home after closing until we can complete our move). A big “THANK YOU”, Tyler!


Working with Tyler was a dream! He took care of all the details for us and everything was perfect all the way to closing. I highly recommend him and his company.

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