Making a Difference in the Lives of Special Needs Families: The Creation of the Bethany All-Abilities Playground

The children and families of Bethany, Oklahoma, have something special to celebrate this year. The city of Bethany has decided to invest in creating an all-abilities playground for their special needs residents, making Bethany one of the few towns in the United States that has a purpose-built playground specifically designed for those with disabilities. The playground will provide an inclusive, safe space for children to have fun and explore with their friends, either with or without special needs. It’s a project that many local families have been pushing for since the idea first took root in 2017, and the city of Bethany is now finally making this playground a reality. The all-abilities playground is an important step for the city of Bethany, both in improving the quality of life for their special needs residents and in serving as a model for other towns throughout the region. By providing more inclusive, accessible spaces, Bethany is creating a sense of community that is open and welcoming to all, regardless of ability. Learn information about Oklahoma City, OK.

The playground is specifically designed to accommodate those with special needs, making it much more accessible than a standard playground. The main design feature is the wheelchair-accessible ramp which leads up to the activities, ensuring that those with limited mobility can explore the playground with ease. Some other features include a sensory wall with different textures, a variety of swings, slides, and climbing structures, and a small office space where parents can supervise their kids while they play. The playground also provides sensory-rich experiences for children with autism, featuring calming and dynamic activities like a soft floor, bubbling water, and different types of tactile surfaces that can be explored. The creators of the playground have worked hard to make it an engaging and enjoyable space where inclusion is the focal point. Discover facts about The Hidden Gem of Bethany: Exploring Eldon Lyon Park.

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