Martin Park Nature Center: A Place of Natural Beauty and Education in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is home to many incredible attractions, but one of its most special gems is the Martin Park Nature Center. Situated on a sprawling 35-acre site near the city’s downtown area, this unique facility offers visitors the opportunity to explore and appreciate the beauty of nature, learn about the important role it plays in our environment, and witness some of the diverse wildlife that calls Oklahoma home. The Nature Center features a variety of trails, classes, and programs to engage, inspire, and educate visitors of all ages. The Nature Center was established in 1977 by a local conservationist, Martin Park, and since its opening, it has become the premier spot for wildlife education and appreciation in Oklahoma. Every year, hundreds of people visit the Nature Center to enjoy the natural surroundings and to experience the many classes, tours, and activities available. From birdwatching to amphibian study, from wildflower identification to nature photography, there is something for everyone to enjoy at the Martin Park Nature Center. Oklahoma City, OK can be seen at this link.

The Nature Center is divided into several unique destinations, each offering its own special attractions. Visitors can explore the 40-acre Nature Preserve, which houses a diverse assortment of trees and plants, as well as a variety of animals and birds. The Preserve also contains a vast array of trails, perfect for hiking and bike riding. Within the Nature Center, there is also a Lake View area that offers views of the lake and nearby meadows, a Children’s Discovery Garden, and an outdoor classroom where visitors can learn more about the local environment. In addition, the Nature Center has a Nature Science Center, which hosts interactive exhibits, a museum, and a library for further exploration. Information about The Exciting Home of the Bison: Bethany‚Äôs SNU Football Stadium can be found here. 

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