Need to Sell Your House Fast but it’s not in one of our main buying areas???

We can still help you!


If you are truly looking to sell your house fast, we can help…even if the house isn’t in Oklahoma. Our main areas of focus are in Oklahoma but we still buy out of state as well. For the most part, real estate is real estate in Oklahoma or California or Texas or Montana. If the numbers make sense, we can make it work and help you sell your house quick.

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How does it work if my house isn’t in Oklahoma or one of our main buying cities???

Well, it works mostly the same but might take a little more time. If you are wanting to sell us a house that is hours or even a few state lines away, we’ll bring in a partner in that area to evaluate the house for us and manage the remodel or property. We know a lot of investors/contractors/etc in other areas and it isn’t hard to find someone we can trust.

When we say it takes a “little more time”….that is to say it could take another couple weeks on average. If we can’t find someone to help us who lives close to the property, then that could delay things. However, we still push to get things done as quick as possible for you regardless. We’ve bought houses out of state just as quick as we have in state!

Who Are We???

  • Folks selling us their house pay No fees or commissions
  • You won’t have to wait months to find a buyer
  • We assume the responsibility and cost of the repairs…No Repairs for you
  • We close at an experienced and local title company to assure that everything gets done right and quickly
  • Leave anything you want behind. Clothing, furniture, dishes, trash, anything, you can just leave… We’ll take care of it!


…Just fill out that easy form and get your fair offer to sell your house fast…

You've already entered your information previously. If you need to contact us again, please call or text us at 405-673-4901.

Our Process:  Here is our five step procedure when you sell your house to us.

  • Gather the details – we’ll talk over the phone or in person to get and verify information about your house and situation. Typical information we ask for is age of roof, reason for selling, is the house rented or vacant, what liens are against the house if any, how quickly do you want to sell the house, etc.
  • See the house – Once we’ve had a chance to speak, we can schedule a time to come see the house. This will give us a chance to see any repairs/updates required first-hand, take some pictures, and come up with an offer price we both agree on. If the house is very far away, we’ll find a local partner to visit the property on our behalf.
  • Put it in writing – after we’ve agreed on a price for the home, we’ll need to put that in writing. A local title company then takes our agreement and checks the title of the house for liens and correct ownership. They’ll start title work and getting ready for a closing immediately.
  • Double-check walkthrough – we usually always go back through a house once or twice more after agreeing on a price with our contractor(s) or partner(s). This is just to make sure nothing was missed because if you miss a repair on a home it can cost thousands. Again, if the house is far away….we’ll have a designated local contractor or partner to handle this for us.
  • Meet at title company for closing – once the title company is done with their research, we can meet at the title company on a day of your choice for the closing. If you aren’t able to physically be at the closing, we will pay for the title company to deliver the necessary closing paperwork to you via mobile notary. You can meet them at work or home.