Pros and Cons of an Open House in Oklahoma City | W Properties

There are many things you can do to sell your property. And it’s a combination of these many things that will inevitably sell your house. You will want to implore a strategy that really works and doesn’t waste any time. Is an Open House right for your home? Will it be worth the time and energy? In this blog, … Continued

Negotiation Tips for Selling Your Home in Oklahoma City

Are you thinking about selling your  house? Before you list or sell it on your own, you should have your negotiation strategy in place. Always try to be one step ahead of your buyers. Use concrete facts to validate your asking price and consider anything about the house that could be used as ammunition to lower the … Continued

Inheriting rental property in OKC

Inheriting rental property in OKC 5 tips to NOT lose money Inheriting rental property might seem like a great blessing at first, but things don’t always go well for folks in this situation. As a company that buys houses and invests in real estate in OKC, we can tell you that rental property is an … Continued

4 Tips for First Time Home Sellers in Oklahoma City

Buying and selling a home are two very different processes. First time home sellers may not know all that goes into successfully selling their house. It takes some work to find a buyer while getting the price you want. Below, find our… 4 best tips for first time home SELLERS!  The Price is Right You want to get as … Continued

5 Proven Tips to Sell Your Home Faster Oklahoma City

When deciding to sell your house in , you’ll probably want the process to take as little time as possible. After all, time is $$ money $$, right? The longer it takes to sell, the more it ends up costing you in the long run. Utility bills, mortgage, taxes, and insurance payments only stop after the sale is 100% … Continued

Can you sell a house in pre-foreclosure in Oklahoma City

Can you sell a house in pre-foreclosure in Oklahoma City?   Foreclosure is a serious deal but with the right help you can turn a bad situation into a good one. Surprisingly, when most people go into foreclosure they end up letting the bank take back their home, causing them immense stress during the process and … Continued

Sell my house for cash companies in Oklahoma City

“Sell my house for cash” companies in Oklahoma City Are you wanting to sell your home in Oklahoma City? Did you get a postcard in the mail from a sell my house for cash companies in Oklahoma City? Maybe someone contacted you over the phone about buying your home for cash and as-is? Or, you … Continued

We buy commercial property fast in Oklahoma City

We buy commercial property fast in Oklahoma City We are a local real estate investment company and we buy commercial property fast in Oklahoma City. If you need to sell some commercial property, want to avoid the normal BS of flaky buyers, huge closing costs, and agent commissions…..we should have a discussion about the commercial … Continued

The Right Way to Sell Your House When Relocating in Oklahoma

Are you looking for information on selling your house in , before relocating to a different area? It can be a stressful process when you need to sell your house as quickly as possible and manage a move. Moving to a new location is a big step on its own. You’ve researched the area, perhaps secured new … Continued