Edmond, Oklahoma: A Scenic and Vibrant City

Edmond, Oklahoma, is a vibrant city located 20 miles north of Oklahoma City. Often referred to as “The City of Gold,” Edmond has a unique charm that attracts newcomers daily. Residents enjoy a close-knit, family-friendly community with cutting-edge amenities, great outdoor recreation, and a thriving economy. From its vibrant culture to its endless outdoor activities, Edmond offers something for everyone. Whether you’re into a weekend at the lake, taking in a Broadway-style show, or going on a shopping spree at the downtown boutiques, Edmond is sure to keep you entertained. Visit this link for more information.

Edmond is known for its picturesque countryside, where visitors can explore rolling hills, lush valleys, flowing creeks, and wildflower fields. Its downtown core is a site to behold: you can wander along the tree-lined sidewalks or take a romantic carriage ride. Edmond is also home to the University of Central Oklahoma. This award-winning institution has been offering students a world-class education since 1890. Being located in the heart of Edmond provides students with a vibrant city and plenty of recreational activities to choose from. Edmond is full of culture and art. The downtown area is home to a variety of galleries and artistic performances, while the city hosts a large number of shops and cafes full of local artwork. The Historic Downtown District is full of historic buildings and monuments, while local neighborhoods offer many historical gems. For example, The Chandelier is an iconic location in Edmond, an ode to its past as a cotton-producing town. Read about The Village, OK here.

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