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Selling a home can be an exciting milestone, especially if you’re upgrading to a new home or moving for work. Unfortunately, it can also be a bit of a stressor if you’re trying to sell property that came through inheritance or when you discover that your home needs a lot of work before it can be sold.

Not only are you dealing with probate but also out of pocket costs just to get a home listed. Things like probate and extensive repairs can tie up the home selling process and force you to wait until you have the funds to complete a necessary repair.

Why wait when we make it easy to sell your home in Glenpool within just 30 days?

You can bypass the entire process of listing your home, and all the hassle that goes with it, by selling directly to us. After years of working with local contractors and title agencies we’ve streamlined the process so it goes fast and you get a fair cash offer on your home.

Most importantly, there’s no out of pocket costs for you since we buy homes in any condition.

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How Fast Can You Sell a Home in Glenpool?

sell your house fast glenpool oklahomaReality TV shows and clever marketing have made it appear as though homes receive a slew of offers shortly after they’ve been listed, and that buyers even get into bidding wars over homes. This is uncommon for most home sellers.

The reality is that even in a seller’s market it can take a substantial amount of time to sell a home. Not only are you waiting to complete repairs and updates in order to list the property you’re also waiting for the right buyer to come along, approval on appraisals, financing approval for some buyers, negotiation, and more.

In some cases it can take upwards of 60 to 90 days just to get your first offer on a home, and that’s no guarantee that the offer will follow through with a purchase.

That’s not an ideal process if you want to sell your home fast in Glenpool.

A simpler approach is to sell directly to W Properties.

  • We have our own investment pool so there’s never any wait for financing approval
  • We purchase homes in any condition so you don’t have to pay for or wait for repairs to sell your home
  • With fast offers and quick title approvals there’s no delays like you experience with a first-time buyer
  • Our cash offers aren’t limited by bank appraisals of your home
  • We only need to view your home once, so you don’t have to worry about scheduling open houses and last-minute showings

Curious how our process works? The first step is to give us more information on your house.

Fill out the form at bottom of page to do that. Or, you can see a detailed explanation of how it works here.

Why Choose W Properties?

companies that buy houses glenpool oklahomaWhile your home may not sell as fast as you like, or as media portrays it, it’s still a good idea for many homeowners to work with an agent to sell their home. If you don’t mind waiting through the process and you don’t need to sell your home fast there are plenty of benefits to working with an experienced agent.

But even the most experienced agent can’t guarantee that your home will sell. Even with great marketing they can’t make offers and prospective buyers appear out of thin air.

There’s a better option if you absolutely must sell your home in Glenpool and sell it fast.

We’ve helped countless families and homeowners all over Oklahoma sell their homes without having to invest a dime in updating their property. We make cash offers on any home, in any condition, and we close fast – typically within 30 days.

Here’s why you should consider selling your home to W Properties direct:

  •         You never pay closing costs and there’s no fees. All the cash we offer is yours to keep
  •         You can get paid in as little as 14 days once an offer is made
  •         You pay nothing out of pocket for repairs; we purchase any home in any condition
  •         We work with trusted local companies to ensure the process is fast and the closing is smooth
  •         Your offer is guaranteed; we never back out of a closing contract
  •         You don’t have to clean; leave anything you don’t want, and we’ll remove it at no extra cost

If you’re interested in selling your home fast but you’re still considering working with an agent, then consider these questions before you decide:

Does your home need a significant facelift in order to sell it at a price where you’ll profit?

Are you able to pay as much as $2500 or more out of pocket for updates and repairs before you list your home?

Are you able to wait up to several months for updates and repairs to complete before selling your home?

Are you able to maintain upkeep costs while you wait for offers to come in from prospective buyers?

What’s your plan if you receive no offers and your home doesn’t sell?

OR… just answer one question:

Would you like to get a fair cash offer on your home, and have it sold in under 30 days?

The process is simple; just fill out the form on this page to get started or call us now at (405) 673 – 4901

Sell Any Property Fast in Glenpool, OK

We’re a real estate investment company, so we’re not limited to buying residential homes in Jenks. We buy any type of real estate and we buy it fast. That includes:

  •         Multi-family homes
  •         Commercial property
  •         Vacant lots
  •         Acreage and larger land plots
  •         Rental properties (empty or occupied)

If you want to sell any property quickly then call or text us today at (405) 673 – 4901 OR fill out the form below. We’ll connect with you right away and get you a cash offer on your home fast.

Ready to sell your house the EASY way?

The EASY way to sell a house is.....You get paid exactly the price we agree on. You pay $0 in repairs, $0 in closing costs, $0 in commissions. No cleaning/repairs required. Close and get paid on date of your choice

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