The American Pigeon Museum & Library in the Oklahoma City, OK

There are many interesting and unique museums located around the United States, but one, in particular, stands out: the American Pigeon Museum & Library in Oklahoma City, OK. Founded in 2008 by Dr. David Dub Bednarik of the Oklahoma Breeding Bird Survey, the American Pigeon Museum & Library is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the history and culture of the species of the world’s most abundant and beloved bird, the pigeon (also known as the rock dove). Information can be found here.

Located in the heart of Oklahoma City, the museum is a non-profit institution that houses the largest collection of pigeon-related artifacts and research materials in North America. It is the only institution of its kind in the world dedicated to the history, culture, and science of the pigeon. See here for information about National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in the Oklahoma City, OK.

The museum’s mission is to provide educational, research, and preservation opportunities to the public. The facility is home to over 8,000 historical artifacts, ranging from artifacts and images from the 19th century to contemporary works of art by pigeon fanciers and historical documents related to the pigeon’s role in human society. The onsite library consists of a collection of over 5,000 books and other resources related to the history, biology, and culture of the pigeon.

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