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Once our decision to sell our house to W Properties was made, things moved quickly and smoothly, We looked at other buyers, but Tyler’s [W Properties] offer was the most fair. Once we received our mortgage payoff. We closed within an couple of days. Tyler [W Properties] was very honest and open about the process. We would highly recommend him. Great guy to do business with. Wish you the best of luck Tyler [W Properties]. Thank you for all you did for us.
Joe & Karen Milburn

If you are on this page of our website, you probably received a postcard or letter from us (W Properties) inquiring about a property you own in Oklahoma.

We understand you might have questions regarding why you got anything from us at all…..

or, what we want with your property….

or, how this all works and what our intentions are.

Below are some questions explaining the what, why, who, and how….


Why did you send me a postcard/letter asking about my property?

We are a real estate investment company. Our business is buying real estate (homes, land, lots, multi-family properties, commercial buildings). You own a property in one of the many areas we are looking to purchase more real estate in. The mail we sent you was an attempt to get in touch with you to open a conversation about your plans over the next few months, year, or 10 years for that property.


My house isn’t for sale, what makes you think I want to sell it?

Most of the homes we buy aren’t publicly for sale. Call us old fashioned but we think the most honest and easiest way to sell is a house is for an owner to work directly with a buyer. You are an owner, we are buyers. We honestly don’t know if you’d even consider selling your home at all…..BUT the only way to find out is to talk to each other.


I’ve seen other advertisements and companies like yours, this is just a scam!!!

Yes it is true, there are other companies like ours out there. Some of them are legitimate businesses and others are shady folks out to cheat people. We can assure you that we are one of the few quality companies in OKC that buy homes. Need proof? We are monitored by the BBB (rated A+) and adhere to their strict regulations. We are also owned and operated by a licensed agent through the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission. At the end of the day, if you have doubts…pick up the phone, call us at 405-673-4901 and ask for the owner Tyler. 


I bet you want to buy my property for $1 right? Not happening!

Big secret here…we are a business. I know, crazy right? We have taxes to pay, wages to pay, and need to make a profit to keep the doors open and lights on. We make a profit on any house we buy. However, we are good at what we do. We don’t have to buy a house for $1 to make money and survive. We pay a fair price for any home we buy. This also means we aren’t suckers out to pay $100,000 more than your property is worth. When you sell your home or property to us, it’s going to be at a price that works for you AND us or not at all. If the deal isn’t win-win for both of us, we don’t do it. 


What can you pay for my house?

Until we have seen a house, we can’t give you an exact price. All we know about your home is where it is located. We don’t know if it needs a lot of updating or was remodeled last year. We don’t know if the air conditioning unit has 1 year of life left or just got replaced. To get make you an offer to buy your house, we have to go see it first-hand so we know what we are buying. If you’d like us to come see your home and make you an offer, just call or text us at 405-673-4901. 


How do you figure out what you can pay for a house?

We look at all the variables. Things that we factor in are local market conditions, the condition of a house, what repairs/updates it needs, how risky of a purchase/investment it is, and location. Those factors usually give us a good idea of what we can pay for a home or if we even want to buy it.


Do you have any testimonials from people you’ve bought houses from previously?

Absolutely! Just check out all our testimonials here – Testimonials Page.


Let’s say I do want to sell….how does it actually work?

Selling your house to us is about as easy as it gets. If you want more details feel free to call us or just visit this page on our site – How It Works.


Alright I’m out of questions but I’m ready to sell my house or at least talk about it, what next?

Great! You can call us at 405-673-4901. Or, you can fill out the form below and we will call you instead.


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