How to get rid of a house you no longer want

How to get rid of a house you no longer want…

…the easy way and the hard way.


How to get rid of a house you longer want
Looking to get rid of a house you no longer want? We’ll buy it!!!

As a professional home buying company we buy houses from people in lots of different situations. The houses we buy range from perfectly clean and only a few years old to 80 years old and falling apart. We buy them all basically. When it comes to the question of “How to get rid of a house you no longer want??”, people often don’t know what to do. It’s not really a question the average person asks themselves every day. Most people will only need to get rid of a house they don’t want once or twice MAYBE in their lifetime. So, do you want to know how to get rid of a house you no longer want???



We can help!

There is an EASY way and a HARD way though…

If you don’t want to own a house any longer, there is usually something wrong with it that someone else will have to deal with. Or, you might just want to sell the house quickly and as-is even though it is in near perfect shape. Whatever the case may be, you have TWO choices regarding the question of “how to get rid of a house you no longer want”.….


Choice #1 – The Hard Way

How to sell a house you no longer want
The hard way looks fun, right?

The hard way is also the most known way to sell a house. Most Americans have only ever known this one way of selling homes. The hard way is by using a real estate agent. If you are selling a house you no longer want, then something is wrong with the house (liens, repairs, etc.) OR you need to sell it really fast. As a company that holds a real estate license in the state of Oklahoma (#170512), we can tell you from personal experience that selling a home that needs work or selling a house abnormally fast (less than 30 days) is often very hard. There are very few qualified buyers with money ready to go who are willing to close quickly or take on major repairs. 

The thing to remember about hiring a real estate agent is they are trained to do one thing: market your house for sale in front of your typical house buyer. This is fine if you have a house that needs little repairs or you don’t need to sell quickly. You have to remember that your typical house buyer, is someone looking to buy and live in the house. This is a buyer that is getting a traditional bank loan which has all types of red tape and hoops that must be jumped through. Typical buyers also require inspections and tedious repairs and appraisals. Your typical buyer also almost always needs help with closing costs. To add on to the risks here when using a real estate agent, your typical buyer takes 30-45 days to close if everything goes smoothly. It might take a seller 3 months, 6 months, or 9 months just to find a potential buyer through an agent. 


Choice #2 – The Easy Way

How to get rid of a house you no longer want
Ready to get rid of a house you own? We will buy it as-is and close on the date of your choice.

The easy way is less known to the general public. Many people don’t know about it because only once or twice in their lives do they find themselves faced with the question of “How to get rid of a house you no longer want?”. You’ve seen the hard way already. You have many risks with the hard way: timeframe (could be 30 days, could be 240 days), buyer financing (financing could fall through and waste your time), inspections (ready to pay for repairs?), help with closing costs (your buyer needs some of that money you are making), and much more…..

The easy way is selling to a home buying company like ours. In today’s world there is almost a whole separate real estate market where home owners sell houses directly to investors like us for cash. Every day more and more people are turning to this option because they don’t want to mess with the stress, nonsense, extra commissions/fees, and other headaches associated with selling using a real estate agent.

Here are some quick benefits of selling a house the easy way:

  • 100% As-is sale – you make 0 repairs. No hiring and managing contractors. No silly negotiations about fixing this or painting that or replacing anything.
  • Take what you want, leave the rest policy – When you sell a house, you often realize you have a lot of things you don’t want to keep. When you sell a house the easy way, you can leave behind anything and everything you don’t want.
  • $0 in commissions or closing costs – selling a house the easy way means you don’t lose money to fat commission checks to a real estate agent or expensive closing costs
  • Guaranteed financing – we buy houses with cash or commercial investment loans. These are not the loans your typical buyer uses to buy a house they want to live in. There are no strict regulations or hoops we have to jump through and no risk of financing falling through.
  • Show up and get a check when you want – Once you sign our 1-page purchase agreement, we pay a title company to prepare all the closing documents. You can pick the day we close and you get paid. Everything is kept legal and above the table by the title company. You don’t have to do anything but show up and get a check.

Selling your house the easy way is what we specialize in. If you’d like to talk about how to get rid of a house you no longer want the easy way, call/text us today at 405-673-4901. You can also just fill out the form below and someone from W Properties will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

Ready to sell your house the EASY way?

The EASY way to sell a house is.....You get paid exactly the price we agree on. You pay $0 in repairs, $0 in closing costs, $0 in commissions. No cleaning/repairs required. Close and get paid on date of your choice

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