Sell House Fast Tulsa – Why We Are Different From Real Estate Agents.

sell house fast in Tulsa

For a long time, people have been finding it hard to sell homes within a short time.

Normally, you should list your home and wait for a willing buyer before embarking on endless negotiations with the hope that the customer will buy.

For this reason, houses are not regarded to be quick sources of cash unless you are willing to settle for a meager price for it.

We have shuffled things in this niche and offer you a way to sell house fast Tulsa. We are not realtors and do not use conventional methods to find a client.

We do things differently and aim to provide a win-win situation for our clients and us. But how exactly do we do what we do?

We can offer you a fast and straightforward way of selling your home in Tulsa through our simplified process.

Forget about all the negotiations and months of going to the authorities. We do all the work and allow you to go about your day to day activities.

It all starts when you want to sell house fast Tulsa and decide to contact us. We have a website where you can submit this request by filling in your information.

We are fast and will start working on your case the moment we get your information.

We will contact you and ask a few more questions regarding the property.

After that, we will set up a date and time for us to go and physically inspect the house.

Understand that we are not overly interested in the current value of the home as we look at the potential.

For this reason, we won’t conduct an extensive inspection, and this part should not take more than a few hours.

Once we are done with the inspection, we will use this information to come up with a cash offer.

Remember that you are not coerced to accept the offer, and if you feel that it is not up to your expectations, you can reject it.

Note that our offers are fair, and you will most definitely take it.

If your reasons for rejecting it are justified, we can allow for negotiations to ensure that we settle on a price that works for both parties.

If you take the offer, things move on from here, and we start to process the transfer of ownership from your name to our company’s name.

This should take a few days as it involves going to the land authorities and showing proof of purchase, among others.

You will be required to append a few signatures, but this should not take much of your time. Once the process is done, you will be contacted to come and pick the amount agreed in cash.

This process can take a couple of days if you cooperate with the sales rep, and it leaves many wondering whether houses can be sold through such a simplified process.

Well, we address all the downsides of the traditional methods of selling homes, and if you are looking to get cash for house Tulsa, reach out to us, and we will be happy to write you an offer.


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