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The traditional house selling process is flawed. Not everyone wants to invest thousands of dollars and tens to hundreds of hours to get your home sold.

There is a reason selling a home is so stressful. After all, the process is convoluted and agents are needed as a result.

Therefore, you end up having to pay an agent thousands in commissions to do something that you should be able to handle on your own.

Luckily, there is a better way to sell your house. We buy houses Tulsa and we specialize in making the entire process as simple as possible.

Below, we will be going over some of the reasons you should consider selling your home to us.

We Buy Houses Tulsa – Sell Your Home Fast:

1. No Complications.

We make the process as easy as 1,2,3. We utilize a 3 step process that can really take the guesswork out of selling your home. You either call or send us your information online.

This information includes everything from how soon you are looking to see, the reason(s) why you are selling, and some specific information about your property.

We then send a specialist to your home to assess it’s condition and to evaluate the home in general.

We then send an ‘as-is’ price that we are willing to pay for your home with zero commissions and you are able to decide when you want to close.

2. No Repairs.

As mentioned, you will be selling your home ‘as is.’

Meaning, you don’t have to worry about spending the thousands of dollars you would normally have to spend fixing up your home and getting it into proper selling condition.

Instead, you get to avoid having to do any costly repairs which can keep money in your pocket.

3. Full Transparency.

Unlike the typical sales process, you are going to know exactly how much you are getting for the sale.

There will be no commissions, no closing costs, or anything else that could surprise you.

4. No Dealing With Financing.

Because we are purchasing your home in cash, you don’t have to worry about potential buyers backing out due to the inability to secure financing.

You will get a complete cash offer from us and get paid in full.

This will help you avoid the stress and frustration of having everything agreed upon only to find out that the buyer either backs out or was unable to secure the financing they needed.

5. Flexible Closing.

When you sell your home the traditional way, you are pretty much going to be locked into a specific agreement.

When you sell your home to us, we allow for flexibility with the sales process.

Whether you need a cash advance prior to closing or even to stay in your home even after closing, we will be able to arrange it for you.

Here at W Properties, we like to think that we have taken the stress out of the traditional sales process.

We make the entire house selling experience stress-free and turn a stressful event in your life into a better one.


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