We Buy Houses Tulsa – How Much Is Waiting To Sell You Home In Tulsa Costing You?

we buy houses Tulsa

As much as you would like to keep waiting until your real estate agent finds a buyer who will match your price, hesitating to sell you home in Tulsa and its surrounding areas could end up hurting you and your wallet!

Learn from our experts just how much it could be costing you!

Many homeowners don’t how much exactly they end up spending by choosing to wait to sell during a specific season.

These costs are actually quite brutal, especially if you don’t like holding on to the property.

Regardless of how you look at it, spending thousands and thousands of dollars every month on a home, you don’t like or one that isn’t right for you doesn’t make sense.

Continue reading to explore some of the costs that you could end up stuck with should you continue to hesitate to sell your Tulsa house.

Property Tax

Homeowners are responsible for covering the property tax for the house up to the day of closing.

That means that if you sit on your home for months, you’ll still be paying the property tax for that period.

And don’t forget that property taxes vary greatly by state and when you break it all down you’ll notice that you would be spending a couple of hundred dollars each month on property taxes.

With a quick sale with a reputable we buy houses Tulsa company such as W Properties OK, you can sell your house fast, and your property tax obligations could end in a few days.

Utility Bills

Whether you’re sitting on an inherited home that you don’t live in or you’re living in the house, you will still have to take care of utility bills and other fees every month.

Since water, electricity and gas will need to stay on until you get a buyer including when you’re showing the house, you will have to pay the bills.

This could get worse if you’re living in another house since that means you’ll be dealing with double your utility bills.

Maintenance & Repair

Typical home buyers won’t show any interest in rundown properties.

Some real estate agents won’t even dare to list your property unless you fix up the place and make the necessary repairs.

For this reason, you’ll find yourself making regular trips to Home Depot buying things for maintaining and upgrading your house.

What you don’t realize is how deep these trips are digging into your bank account. You’d be shocked to see the sum of all repair and maintenance costs.

Emotional Cost

Perhaps the most painful and expensive cost of hesitating to sell your Tulsa home is the emotional cost.

What’s the point of letting the frustrations and issues of unwanted house stress you out? Maybe your current home has water damage, or perhaps you have a leaky roof.

How long are you going to have to tolerate those issue before you sell? Well, you don’t have to deal with all that stress anymore.

With us, you’ll put an end to all your frustrations and worries. We buy houses Tulsa no matter the condition.

Don’t let sitting on your property keep burrowing into your wallet, sell any kind of home in Tulsa for cash to W Properties OK today!


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